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Make the Case for Language Access for your Non-Profit [InfoGraphic]

If you serve non-English Speaking clients, providing language access for your non-profit is an important part of your communication strategy. Language access includes:

  • Translation of your vital..

Affordable Quality Translation – Think Outside The Box

When you think of affordable the first thing that comes to mind might be “cheap.” But can “cheap” actually end up costing you more? If you look at “affordable healthcare,” the deduction plan is..

Online Translation Quality--Ways to go from Headache to Success

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to professionally translate your content. Once your website or app has been localized, however, it feels amazing to know that non-English speaking users..

Three Reasons You Should Look Into Website Localization

If you have an online presence, you probably considered translating your web content to other languages. To successfully tap into specific markets with the products or services you offer, you need..

Finding Balance for Affordable Quality Translation [InfoGraphic]

Have you ever been in this scenario. . .You want to use professional translators to reach your target audience. You even send your important document to a translator or two to get a quote. But,..

Good vs. Cheap: Good and Affordable Translations

Join us for an upcoming Google Live Stream

When budgets are limited, it's hard to even consider providing translated content for your non-English speaking clients. However, with a few tips and..

Three Things Technology Can't Do That Human Translation Can

Machine translation quality has dramatically improved in this decade. It most likely has to do with pattern recognition. Google’s technology with which you can take a picture of any text (on any..

Rush Translation - Is it Really Worth It?

What’s rush translation? Basically it’s translation that requires the same day turnaround. It’s something that clients and linguists want to avoid, but often times it’s just not unavoidable. From..

Google vs. Human Translators for Affordable Translation [infographic]

The tempation to use Google Translate as your primary tool when communicating with non-English speaking clients is strong. Believe it or not, you're in good company. Over 200 million people use..

How to Choose the Best Human Translators

Setting off to the right human translators might seem like a daunting task at first. Just as with any other business, there are so many options! Freelancers, agencies of various size, machine..

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